Thriller Podcast - EP112: The Crypto Regulators

Thriller Podcast - EP112: The Crypto Regulators



 • Ethereum Pumps as SEC Official Says Ether is Not a Security

 • Ripple’s XRP Community comes out with brand-new logo!

 • Is BitTorrent The Key To Decentralizing The Web As Envisioned By Justin Sun Through Tron (TRX)?

 • High chances Amazon will partner with Ripple (XRP) in 2018(Start Time 00:50 sec)


Interesting Video of the Day:  Ripple David Schwartz Building the payment system of the future (Start Time 10:07 sec)


Coin Talk:  We discuss the spike today and what I am betting on towards the end of the year We also discuss the rest of the Market Cap. (Start Time 16:10 sec)


Main Topic: The Crypto Regulators: Featuring Kathryn Haun DOJ, Jay Clayton SEC, CTFC Commissioner Rostin Benham SEC Director of Division of Corporate Finance William Hinman (Start Time 39:09sec)



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